3D, The Next Generation of eCommerce

Unlock digital sales and customer engagement through our 3D, AR, and Web3 eCommerce platform.

Our Platform

3D eCommerce models boost product interactivity, leading to higher customer satisfaction, fewer returns, better conversion rates, and enhanced customer confidence. Our platform helps you create and manage engaging immersive experiences.

AR Experiences

Let your customers instantly access photorealistic AR experiences via a QR code or link.
No app installation required.

3D Viewer & Configurator 

Provide custom and immersive 3D experiences for enhanced customer engagement. Our 3D configurator offers a real-time interactive buying experience on your website.

Web3 & 3D authenticity

Strengthen your brand-customer relationships with immersive experiences with gamified digital ownership. Top brands are already blending NFTs and 3D assets into unique gamified products.

Metaverse Commerce

Build a holistic metaverse commerce strategy and experience. We support you all the way from building your own virtual world to leveraging your 3D assets.

We now consider virtual make-up try on to be the base of any experience. At the end of the day the only barrier to buying [a product] is wondering what it will look like.

Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer, L'Oréal

Our showcases

Signature Cocktail Company

"Renda is delivering a cutting-edge 3D AR experience helping us drive online sales and connecting with our customers.”
- Alex Petersen, CEO at Signature Cocktail Company


Frahm is a platform for digital frames. Our Renda 3D engine is powering the Frahm 3D configurator and viewer.

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About Renda

Renda is your gateway to 3D, AR, and Web 3.0 eCommerce, propelling digital sales and engagement. We facilitate 3D asset creation, AR digital commerce, and VR gamification, compatible with devices like the Apple Vision Pro.

Our platform onboards your brand to 3D eCommerce and the metaverse, ensuring top-tier visual engagement for product exploration.